picture-1 One of the really cool things I've been working on at Made from New Zealand is the blog syndication system. We originally built it to link between our stories section (which is a Wordpress blog) and the rest of madefromnewzealand.com (which is a Ruby on Rails site). To overcome this we decided to use a business widget similar to Crunchbase which is generated by a small javascript file unique to a specific business, user, or network on Made from New Zealand, we can then track the article and pull a snippet and image for us to post throughout our site (homepage, industry pages, location pages and business/user/network profiles), all linking back to the blog post. This inter-linking power is lapt-up by Google which should mean for better ranking for both your blog and our site (there's gotta be something in it for us).


To get amongst this you need to join madefromnewzealand.com and register your blog (so we don't get spammer's giving us hell), for those with Wordpress you can install our neat little plugin which lets you use a cool shortcode to automagically create a link to the entities profile and put the widget at the bottom of the page. I'm working my ass off for to cater for everyone else (including myself), but you can still register and get some linking love happening.

AuthorCameron Prebble