madefromdigOn the 21st of March a large majority of my day was spent down at Oriental Bay helping dig Made from New Zealand's colossal 50 fern. This was awesome effort from which was only decided to be done a few days earlier by Made From director Tim Norton.madefromfernThroughout the day we had many onlooker's curious about why exactly we were digging up Oriental Bay, "'cos we can!" seemed to be my common reply. This wasn't just some smart-alec reply either, nobody had any major problems with what we were doing, it was just an awesome group of kiwi's (not just New Zealanders), doing something out of the ordinary to promote the kiwi attitude. The day turned out to be a huge success, with the fern was completed and filmed before Wellington's unpredictable weather took hold. There are plans in the pipeline for other ferns to be dug around the country, and I have to admit, it is an awesome thing to be a part of.

AuthorCameron Prebble