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Cameron Prebble

I'm currently a Web Developer based in Wellington, New Zealand, specialising in developing Ruby on Rails and JavaScript applications. I've been involved in the Wellington Dev scene for over six years, mainly providing development and consulting services to a wide range of clients, as well as developing products internally. My spare time is usually spent working on my side project (more info below), brewing ginger beer, and enjoying good coffee or craft beer.


Skill Summary

Ruby Web Application Development

Been working with Ruby on Rails as a back-end platform for over 6 years, developing ranging types of applications.

While a majority of my development has been with Rails, I have also worked with Sinatra and Middleman for more light-weight applications.

Front-end Web Development

Have a strong passion is front-end web development, primarily developing HTML & Javascript based applications, and also mobile applications with Cordova. Much of my development is with the likes of CoffeeScript, jQuery & Backbone.

Previous I have done some front-end development with Flex 3, however now preferring to focus on standard web technologies, especially HTML5.

Geospatial Web Technologies

A good portion of my career has involved developing web applications with a Geospatial aspect; including web and mobile store locators, various map data visualizations, address validation and verification, and even routing systems.

Worked mostly with free and open source GIS software including PostGIS, OGR, Quantum GIS, MapServer, Mapnik, TileStache and TileMill. Mush of my experience has also been with the Google Maps API's on the front-end with both the Javascript and Flash APIs. Lately have also been using the open-source Leaflet library, incorporating with OpenStreetMap data, and even working on a d3 extension for thematic mapping.

Data Visualization

Coming from a statistics background at university, I've had an enjoyment in developing web applications which visualizes data for public consumption, both in my job and in mashups developed in my spare time. Been utilizing tools like d3 and Raphael in development, plus have been experimenting with the likes of R and Processing.


IT Work Experience

Website Developer – ProjectX Technology Ltd.

Nov 2007 - July 2010  –

I began my IT career as a summer intern with ProjectX, working on an R&D project investigating map data visualization using Flash. I became a full-time developer after graduating from university in mid 2008

ProjectX was a small team focusing on Geo web development and web services for both businesses and their own site

Technical Consultant – Abletech Ltd.

July 2010 - Present  –

Joined Ruby on Rails development shop Abletech (Able Technology) through an acquisition of ProjectX Technology. Since joining I've worked on web and mobile application development, consulting with many of Abletech's enterprise-level and government clients on a wide variety of bespoke and cutting-edge applications.


Side Projects

Mashblock is a sole effort mashup website designed to visualize open-government demographic data in a spatial context for New Zealand. Mashblock was originally build for New Zealand's national Mix and Mash competition in 2010, where it picked up two major prizes.

Mashblock is still actively being developed in my spare time, with plans to incorporate more datasets, and possible versions for other countries.

Built in the wake of the 2010 Canterbury earthquake, is a simple mashup visualizing earthquake data collected in New Zealand.



Victoria University of Wellington

2004 - 2008

Bachelor of Science

Majors: Operations Research, Applied Statistics

Bachelor of Commerce and Administration

Major: Electronic Commerce